The joint-stock company VPV Trading Ostrava, A.S. was established in September 1999 on the basis of previous long-term cooperation of several key personnel. Over time, the company was reborn into a family business, which eventually proved to be the biggest advantage of its operation.
The company has long-term business experience in the field of leasing of offices and rental of non-residential premises. All rented facilities include large car parks with a sufficient number of parking spaces, both for tenants and their visitors, , as we believe that the seamless accessibility to the business is one of the top priorities for the business activities of our tenants.
As apparent from the above, the prices for renting offices, production and warehouse premises, generally speaking, all leases of non-residential premises do not burden any intermediary commissions and with the quality of service provided to our tenants (customers), are the costs at the lower price limit of usual costs available in specific area. Our clients in the area of renting offices and non-residential premises are regional companies and also well-known companies operating throughout the Czech Republic and the European Union.
From the same year we offer services through the subsidiary company Hotel Rudolf S.R.O. hotel Rudolf in Havířov. The Hotel provides high standard services in the area of accommodation, catering, wellness and sale of spirits Rudolf Jelínek on the main route Ostrava
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VPV Trading Ostrava a.s.

Masná 1324/1,
702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava
IČ: 25845543,
DIČ: CZ25845543

Mobil: 603 234 320
E-mail: office@vpvtrading.cz

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